Animal and Plant Health Agency(APHA) are an internationally recognised centre of scientific excellence providing a wide range of research and consultancy to the UK Government and commercial customers. We specialise in diseases of livestock and plants, diagnosis of disease and surveillance of new and emerging disease. APHA has achieved world reference laboratory status for a number of animal diseases.

The Agency has a rich scientific history dating back over 100 years and has contributed to many milestones in the veterinary landscape. APHA is an International Reference Laboratory for United Nations Food and Agriculture Authority (FAO), the World Association for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) for many important diseases.

To enhance its scientific activity APHA develops commercial products and services and makes them available to organisations globally. These are brought together under APHA Scientific to ensure the products and services are delivered effectively to customers.

 Biological Reagents:  Over many years, APHA has developed a wide range of specialist veterinary diagnostic reagents and test kits for effective, reliable testing.  The reagents are manufactured in a dedicated reagent production unit certified to ISO 9001 and many of them are currently used by national and international reference laboratories.  Reagents include antisera, antigens, monoclonal antibodies and various diagnostic kits.

VETQAS Proficiency Testing:  VETQAS is the APHA’s independent, accredited proficiency testing service.  They offer a wide range of schemes principally directed towards farm animals and equine species.  There are also schemes for companion animals and fish diseases.  VETQAS is the international market leader in proficiency testing for veterinary laboratories and works to the ISO 17043 standard.

Please see product brochures below for Reagents and Proficiency testing.