LilliTest is the brand name of Lillidale Diagnostic’s kits and reagents. The range includes diagnostics kits for veterinary, medical and food diagnostics.

The LilliTest range includes 3 product lines:
LilliTest Rapid Test Kits
LilliTest Elisa Test Kits
LilliTest Reagents

The LilliTest range was launched in January 2009 and it includes many diagnostic kits for emerging diseases such as Avian Influenza and Swine Influenza.

For further information on our full range of products please contact us.

LilliTest Glanders cELISA

LilliTest T. evansi cELISA

LilliTest Rapid AIV Ag Test Kit

LilliTest Rapid AIV H5 Ag Test Kit

LilliTest Rapid NDV Ag Test Kit

LilliTest Rapid IBDV Ag Test Kit

LilliTest Rapid FMDV-NSP Ab Test Kit

LilliTest Rapid BTB Ab Test Kit

LilliTest Rapid Brucella Ab Test Kit

LilliTest Rapid Rabies Ag Test Kit

CR-1101 LilliTest Rapid Canine Brucella Test Kit

CR-1102 LilliTest Rapid Canine Heartworm Test Kit

CR-1103 LilliTest Rapid Canine Leotospira Ab Test kit

CR-1104 LilliTest Rapid Canine Parvovirus Test Kit

CR-1105 LilliTest Rapid Canine Coronavirus Test Kit

CR-1106 LilliTest Rapid Canine Adenovirus Test Kit

CR-1107 LilliTest Rapid Canine Distemper Test Kit

CR-1108 LilliTest Rapid Canine Ehrlichia Test Kit

CR-1204 LilliTest Rapid Canine Ehrlichia/CHW/Lyme/Anaplasma Test Kit

FR-1102 LilliTest Rapid Feline Parvovirus Test Kit

FR-1103 LilliTest Rapid Feline Toxoplasma Test Kit

FR-1201 LilliTest Rapid FIV-FeLV-FCoV Combo Test Kit

FR-1203 LilliTest Rapid FIP – Toxoplasma IgG / IgM Combo Test Kit

VR-1106 LilliTest Rapid Giardia Test Kit

LilliTest MG RSA Test Antigen

LilliTest MS RSA Test Antigen

LilliTest MM RSA Test Antigen

LilliTest SP RPAT Antigen

LilliTest MG positive serum

LilliTest MS positive serum

LilliTest MM positive serum

LilliTest SP positive serum

LilliTest Influenza A H5N1 Antigen

LilliTest Influenza A H5N1 Antiserum

LilliTest Influenza A H9N2 Antigen

LilliTest Influenza A H9N2 Antiserum

LilliTest IBDV Antigen

LilliTest IBDV Antiserum

LilliTest Chicken Serum SPF 0.5ml

LilliTest Chicken Serum SPF 1ml

LilliTest Salmonella Typing Sera